Lauren Uchalik

When life gives her lemons, she makes them into jokes about how the lemons were jerks and ugly anyway. Lauren Uchalik’s self-depricating, yet relatable humor has endeared her to audiences across the midwest. Hailing from Hamtramck, a borough of Detroit, Lauren’s years of method-research into the life of a child of a starving artist then as a starving artist herself have helped her develop material that makes you believe she has really been there and really was starving at some point.

Performing at colleges, comedy clubs, and a variety of other venues of assorted shapes, sizes, and dignity levels, Lauren has spent the past five years developing her voice as one of the rising comedians on the Detroit comedy scene. She has worked with Iliza Shlesinger, Matt Braunger, and Barry Crimmmins and has emceed a variety of showcase shows across the US.

Also, in case you were wondering, you say it:

lɔrən  juːxɑlək

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