One Crazy Story!

My buddy Nate Armbruster has a pretty cool podcast that he invited me to be a guest on featuring a story about the time I tricked Zach Braff into thinking I was cool. Check it out along with all of the other great stories! Right here!


Value and the Cost

In the job I have now, its a conversation I have with people very frequently. People get so caught up in the cost that they forget about the value of themselves, goods, services.

I think there’s a lot to that. We’re all about amassing stuff. It doesn’t matter what. We’re a society of hoarders.

Sidenote- I’m sure there’s a direct correlation between hoarders and people who loved the movie “The Brave Little Toaster” as children. I loved it. And I have a really hard time throwing away worn down stuff because I’m sure it will feel bad. Also I don’t want it coming and finding me. There could be some really mean worn-down insoles and holey underwear out there that are just out for blood.

Anyway. Back to serious thoughts.

We amass so much and take for granted the value. People on facebook getting their 5,000 friends, but not being a good friend to reach out to an individual. Even the people who think they are too good to be consumed by social media reputations can have those personality traits.

I value a good meal and a night playing board games with friends, whether its cheap or expensive its about the experience. I wish more people didn’t lose sight of those types of things.

Hilarity is Hard

One of the first things I frequently find people saying to me doing comedy is that the thing they don’t think they can do is stand up on stage.

And I kind of get it, public speaking. For me, never a problem. I would literally walk away from my mom in stores when I was wee and start talking to strangers. She would tell me I was lucky that I didn’t get kidnapped, I though those people were lucky to not deal with my craziness.

People really undervalue how difficult it is to sit down and write something funny that translates well out loud.

Just because something is funny on paper doesn’t mean its going to be funny out loud; the converse is also true. Just because something is hilarious out loud doesn’t mean its going to translate well to paper. I respect all of the comedians that I have met who take a ton of time out of their days to write and write well.

I had a kid in my high school graduating class who wasn’t in the advanced placement courses, but he would always say, “I’m smart enough but I just don’t try.” That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. It sucks to try your dammnest and not be good enough, but that’s the risk you have to be alive.

Get out there and write something brilliant.

New Job, New Jokes

Its true, I am no longer a barista.

Another true fact: I am terrible at having a blog.

I need to get a time frame in to update this with my newly extra-extra jam-packed life.(It went from regular extra jam packed, you can see my predicament, I trust.)

New job is in an office in a customer service-like environment. Still getting the stupendous opportunity to deal with loads of interesting characters. I’m the youngest person in the building, except the dog who comes in with her owner every day. So I guess second youngest, I’m having a lot of fun and learning a lot about small business management.

New jokes come fast and like fire- as usual- not all are the gold I think they’ll be when they come out of my dumb face on a stage. Tonight is a great opportunity for people in the area to check me and some local funny ladies out at Joey’s for Ladies’ Night. Hilarity will most definitely ensue.