Value and the Cost

In the job I have now, its a conversation I have with people very frequently. People get so caught up in the cost that they forget about the value of themselves, goods, services.

I think there’s a lot to that. We’re all about amassing stuff. It doesn’t matter what. We’re a society of hoarders.

Sidenote- I’m sure there’s a direct correlation between hoarders and people who loved the movie “The Brave Little Toaster” as children. I loved it. And I have a really hard time throwing away worn down stuff because I’m sure it will feel bad. Also I don’t want it coming and finding me. There could be some really mean worn-down insoles and holey underwear out there that are just out for blood.

Anyway. Back to serious thoughts.

We amass so much and take for granted the value. People on facebook getting their 5,000 friends, but not being a good friend to reach out to an individual. Even the people who think they are too good to be consumed by social media reputations can have those personality traits.

I value a good meal and a night playing board games with friends, whether its cheap or expensive its about the experience. I wish more people didn’t lose sight of those types of things.


Published by laurenuchalik

Stand-up comedian, writer, actress, Detroit Derby Girl

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