Hilarity is Hard

One of the first things I frequently find people saying to me doing comedy is that the thing they don’t think they can do is stand up on stage.

And I kind of get it, public speaking. For me, never a problem. I would literally walk away from my mom in stores when I was wee and start talking to strangers. She would tell me I was lucky that I didn’t get kidnapped, I though those people were lucky to not deal with my craziness.

People really undervalue how difficult it is to sit down and write something funny that translates well out loud.

Just because something is funny on paper doesn’t mean its going to be funny out loud; the converse is also true. Just because something is hilarious out loud doesn’t mean its going to translate well to paper. I respect all of the comedians that I have met who take a ton of time out of their days to write and write well.

I had a kid in my high school graduating class who wasn’t in the advanced placement courses, but he would always say, “I’m smart enough but I just don’t try.” That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. It sucks to try your dammnest and not be good enough, but that’s the risk you have to be alive.

Get out there and write something brilliant.


Published by laurenuchalik

Stand-up comedian, writer, actress, Detroit Derby Girl

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