New Job, New Jokes

Its true, I am no longer a barista.

Another true fact: I am terrible at having a blog.

I need to get a time frame in to update this with my newly extra-extra jam-packed life.(It went from regular extra jam packed, you can see my predicament, I trust.)

New job is in an office in a customer service-like environment. Still getting the stupendous opportunity to deal with loads of interesting characters. I’m the youngest person in the building, except the dog who comes in with her owner every day. So I guess second youngest, I’m having a lot of fun and learning a lot about small business management.

New jokes come fast and like fire- as usual- not all are the gold I think they’ll be when they come out of my dumb face on a stage. Tonight is a great opportunity for people in the area to check me and some local funny ladies out at Joey’s for Ladies’ Night. Hilarity will most definitely ensue.


Published by laurenuchalik

Stand-up comedian, writer, actress, Detroit Derby Girl

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