Like a maroon, I do not update.

Things and stuff have been going pretty well for me since I started my website, hopefully now I’ll have more time for keeping people posted on what’s going on. I say that like people read this. Just because it makes me feel like one of the cool blogging celebrities whose blogs actually get read. I deal.

I’ve moved back to the Metro-Detroit area in order to keep a more central location to my auditions and adventures and have been going up semi-regularly at various open mics across the area. All of this despite a pretty sweet bout with mono. Yeah, mono. That thing most people get when they’re in high school, like a champ, I got to contract it the summer after graduating college. Wahoo! Another adventure I’m embarking on is that I’m now interning at the Planet Ant Theater in Hamtramck to get some experience working with a nonprofit theater organization. Hey-o, something degree related that pays. Suck it non-believers in theater degrees.

I’ve also become more devoted to a lot of the playwriting that I began in some of my college classes. OyamO one of my professors has been consistently so supportive and willing to give feedback that I’ve decided to take advantage of him as a great professional resource. Hooray for writing things! Conceptualizing a lot of my ideas into stage plays has been an interesting experience because of the influence I didn’t even realize that my exposure to post-Modern performances has had on me, I’ve been trying to tie together a lot of multi-media elements into the plays. I’ve also come further with writing concepts for a sitcom with some friends. Its amazing how productive groups of darkly humored people can be.

I still need to get stuff together for my web videos and clips of jokey jokes. I’m finally getting closer to getting my stuff together and getting together a pretty stellar crew for a webseries. Watch for it. Eventually.

Also some other thoughts- I found a 36C bra on my front lawn this week after having had to jump my car because like a maroon, yes. maroon., I left my lights on after work. The bra was not there when I walked out to my car pre-jumping. This is not the size bra that I wear; therefore, I feel like this magically appearing bra is some sort of subtle dig at my chest size from some sort of mystic neighbor. Perhaps my magician landlord. Investigations are ongoing.

Oh yeah. My new landlord is a magician. Pretty cool. Does magical things. Like look for treasure on my front lawn with a metal detector, you know, the standard faire for someone versed in the magical arts. Its like I’m a magnet for these sorts of talents and I’m only a month into living in Ferndale. This is going to be some fun stuff.

Next week I’m not on the lists for any open mics, but I’m going to make attempts at cold-calling them and showing up to try to get a spot because I’m feeling up to it for the first time in awhile.


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Stand-up comedian, writer, actress, Detroit Derby Girl

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