Pour some out.

My buddy Lukasz died this past Monday of cancer, especially sad in a 21 year old when doctors had just told him he had about 6 months left.

A few weeks ago his parents gave him the okay to spend as much money as he wanted to make the ending of his life everything he could ever want. He was super excited about it and called me with a devious master plan.

We were going to purchase a bunch of spy paraphenalia from local spy shops. Which as a sidenote I would like to say there are everywhere now in Metro-Detroit. I don’t entirely understand what people are needing this many hidden cameras and microphones and stealth apparel but it seems we are a hotbed for this sort of merchandising. Anyway, Lukasz and I would purchase an arsenal of such materials and set them up strategically through his parents’ house. This is what would be known as action phase one.

We then were going to have me, or perhaps another lovely young female, dress up in clothing like a high class prostitute. Which would also be paid for by his humble parents. Not sure exactly what direction this would go in, details were not fleshed out on this aspect. Just the general concept of “high class prostitute” was left to imagination, I assume a lot of fake Coach, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and rouge would be needed.

Fake prostitute would then be taken out to an expensive dinner. This part would not be booby-trapped with hidden camera utilities, it would basically just be for the charge on the card and for the fact that it would be a nice fancy dinner. Such a gentleman that one, even if the girl does have to be dressed as a hooker.

The shenanigans would then bring us back to his parents’ house with cameras set up where we would be found in several compromising positions to test the tolerance of a traditional old Polish couple.

We had high hopes for the reactions shots on this one to make Lukasz get some internet notoriety so he could live on through his mischief. Maybe if I can get a crew together I can still make this ultimate prank thing still happen.

RIP Lukasz Skowronski.


Published by laurenuchalik

Stand-up comedian, writer, actress, Detroit Derby Girl

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