Planet Ant and Detroit Theatre

I’m what you might call a binge blogger. I forget about doing it then I talk about all of my thoughts at once.

For the last yearish, I have worked as an intern for Planet Ant Theatre in my old hometown of Hamtramck. It has been an awesome learning experience. Originally, I was going to be doing more grant writing for the organization which plays well with the concept for Behind the Curtain that I’ve been toying with for the last two years (Eventually I’ll have enough of that together to post a page, but patience until then). Instead its become more of a marketing venture as well as box office managing, which are also skills that I’m feeling really good about developing.

One of the coolest parts of Planet Ant is that they do a lot of work with burgeoning playwrights, which is another skill that maybe I can work with them on, but for now its a great insight into the process. I had the opportunity to stage manage one such production, “Hylomorph,” in January through March(yes. I’m terrible at updating.) and the amount of rewriting through the process was exhausting from my end, I can only imagine how it was on the end of the playwright(the lovely and talented Maggie Smith who is also a U of M alum as well as a former student of OyamO).

I’m going to be continuing my work at Planet Ant for at least a bit longer, but now I’m adding the position of Box Office Manager to my repertoire which is a pretty great way to meet new people and make connections with other people who are as excited about theater and weirdness as I am!

With all of the shows I see, I’m going to start posting up reviews on these awesome plays. I know a lot of my friends aren’t avid theater goers so I’m going to try to not bore them with technicalities and get right to why to see and not to see plays.

The Halloween show Seance 4 opens tonight at 9 at Planet Ant Theatre at 2357 Caniff St, Hamtramck, MI 48212. Tickets are $10. Review to follow!


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