Séance 4

I love a good Halloween spooktacular, and a good seance. I mean nothing makes me crave candy and anonymity like contacting the dead with a Ouija board; that’s normal, right?

Planet Ant Theatre’s Seance 4 plays on that same dark humor at a seance party for the Neighborhood Cul-de-sac Social Club which just seems to be the weirdos from the hood who like to get together and do standard bored suburban activities, this fall the party has turned into a seance. The neighborhood weirdos, Jane, Trent, Colleen, and Tina all are incredibly quirky characters that are well defined despite the 50 minute running time of the show. Setting out with a goal in mind for the seance, they find they cannot control exactly what spirits need to speak or what they have to say.

Directed by Lauren Bickers, the show and the actors successfully draw from improv backgrounds to make a fresh and amusing piece of theater that kept me laughing without being predictable.

Why should you see this show?

  • If you appreciate improv and shows born from improv
  • Ouija boards are your “thing”
  • If you have a slightly dark sense of humor and are looking for a way to get into the Halloween spirit

Seance 4 runs Fridays and Saturdays at 9 pm at Planet Ant Theatre, 2357 Caniff St., Hamtramck, MI.
Tickets are $10. Call 313.365.4948 for reservations. Also you would get to talk to me. Because that’s what I do here, I take reservations.


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Stand-up comedian, writer, actress, Detroit Derby Girl

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