New comedy clip!

Tonight I had the opportunity to go up at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle in Royal Oak and my set was taped for all you fine folks to watch at home. I felt pretty good about my set despite it including some new material.   Check it out here:   More reviews should be comingContinue reading “New comedy clip!”


Painted Lady Comedy Jokery and Friends

I haven’t updated this blog nearly enough in the past, oh, year or so. The (second) latest venture in my life is a weekly to bi-weekly open mic at the Painted Lady Lounge in Hamtramck, MI.   This venue holds a special place in my heart formerly being known as Lili’s 21 where I grewContinue reading “Painted Lady Comedy Jokery and Friends”

Whamtramck- the saga begins…

The derby is beginning and the name I’m going with is Wham!tramck! The exclamation point gives a little extra flavor in my opinion. After a great deal of discussion on the floor of my native land at Planet Ant Theater with special help from Margaret Edwartowski who gave the inspired suggestion of Slamtramck, we’re stickingContinue reading “Whamtramck- the saga begins…”